The substation is an assembly of the following major electrical equipments

The substation is an assembly of the following major electrical equipments

The power system is a constituent of power generation, transmission and distribution systems. For all the power system operations, substations are required for their course of action. Substations are congregation of electrical equipment through which consumers get supply of electrical power from generating stations. By varying the voltage levels or frequency or any other aspects, the required electrical quantity can be altered in substations to provide quality power to consumers

Electrical Substations are based on the application of substations, they are classified into different types: Generation substation, Indoor substation, Outdoor substation, Pole mounted substation, Switching substation, Transmission substation, Converter substation and Distribution substation. In rare cases like wind farm power generation system, multiple hydroelectric and thermal power plants one can observe the collector substation which is used for transferring power from multiple turbines into one transmission unit

Substations generally have switchingprotection and control equipment and one or more transformers. In a large substation, circuit breakers are used to interrupt any short-circuits or overload currents that may occur on the network. Smaller distribution stations may use re-closer circuit breakers or fuses for protection of distribution circuits. Substations do not usually have generators, although a power plant may have a substation nearby.
Other devices such as power factor correction capacitors and voltage regulators may also be located at a substation.
The substation is an assembly of the following major electrical equipments
  • Electrical Power transformers
  • Instrument transformers
  • Conductors & Insulators
  • Isolators
  • Bus bars
  • Lightning arresters
  • Circuit breakers
  • Relays
  • Capacitor banks and miscellaneous equipment
  • Substation equipment maintenance | Transformers Magazine

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